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Graceful Whispers Alexis Faere

Graceful Whispers: 365 Wonder-Filled Prayers for Grandpa

Whether you are a grandpa, have a grandpa, or long for a grandpa’s presence, Graceful Whispers 365 Wonder-Filled Prayers for Grandpa offers daily devotions crafted just for you. Alexis Faere’s whimsical approach to prayer beckons readers from every generation to embrace the profound bond of grandfatherhood.


Graceful Whispers invites readers of all ages to connect with this essential, timeless relationship and provides a tender outlet for these deep sentiments. This endearing collection of simple yet profound prayers, is a sanctuary for grandpas to feel recognized, embraced, and valued.

Graceful Whispers reminds us to cherish these relationships and special moments which are often overlooked in today’s busy world. It offers new layers of understanding, solace, and reflection with each reading.


“Alexis Faere knows the secret antidote for bitterness, distraction and discontent—thankfulness. And in this sweet book, thankfulness is wrapped in prayers for the rich, rare and personal gift of her grandfather. Here, her own gratitude overflows into a most precious gift of prayer in return. May her example entice each reader to learn and taste this secret for themselves.” —Rev. Reid A. Ferguson

“In the Book of Psalms, wea re told to be open to guidance in life. Graceful Whispers is filled with prayers that will help each of us follow God’s path. It is religious, spiritual, and uplifiting.” —Rabbi Andrew Bloom

“Alexis Faere writes an inspiring, ‘lighting bug’ narrative that encourages us to find new ways to share our love through prayers for those we hold dear. This book is a wonderful life celebration that lasts all year.” —Diane Bowyer

Whispers of Love

Graceful Whispers

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Whispers of Love

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How can I create more connection between me and Grandpa? As a young adult, I wanted to deepen my relationship with my grandpa. We lived a great distance from one another, and I wanted a way to spend time with him every day. Not to mention, the generation gap that comes from people separated by 60 years.

Grandpa was one of a long line of preachers in my family. While we were both Christian in our belief systems, our expressions of those beliefs were diverse. One language I knew Grandpa related to was prayer (and daily prayer, at that). So I created a collection of prayers, investigating what life must be like for him through prayers, one for each day of the year.

In my whimsical, delightful spirit, I found ways to relate to him, his daily joys and challenges that created some commonality between us. I used this vehicle to talk about feelings we all have as human beings and used my voice in conversation with God to talk about these things, as prayers.

My re-discovery of this treasure led me to realize there might be other people out there who could benefit from these thoughts—in their relationships with their grandpas. So, I created this book for you!

Prayer Examples From The Book

Graceful Whispers Grandpa

March 15th

God? It’s one of your children, Sometimes I have a day and I just feel crabby. When I feel crabby, nothing seems to go right. If Grandpa has a crabby day, could you help him remember that you still love him even when it’s hard for him to remember that? Thank you for loving Grandpa when he’s crabby.

Graceful Whispers Grandpa

July 9th

Christ Jesus, Thank you for trees. I hugged a tree today—thanking it for all it does for me. It gives me shade, it makes green leaves in the spring, and red leaves in autumn. In the winter it sleeps patiently until the earth warms once again. Maybe Grandpa could hug his chair today. His chair does so much for him. Supportingly…

alexis faere grandpa

August 13th

Lord, I was wondering about something. As we go through our lives, we have dreams we want to come true. What does Grandpa dream about for his life? Do we ever get to the end of those dreams? It seems to me that when we attain a goal or reach ‘those points’ in our lives, dreams then change and we just keep on striving. How does that work? Curious…

alexis faere grandpa

October 13th

Hey God, Does Grandpa have any of that yummy hot chocolate? I’d like to be with him sipping on a mug of hot chocolate. I know he enjoys his coffee. Maybe today he’d change it up so we can share some hot cocoa. We’re talking about what’s going on in our lives—how people are doing and what’s going on in the world. Fellowship...

My Thoughts About Writing This Book

My Grandparents were gracious, loving people, and well-established in their traditional Christian beliefs. I saw many gaps between their ‘way of life’ and mine.

For most of our lives, many miles separated my Grandparents and me. As they aged, and as more permanent daily care was required for them, there was a part of me that got sensitive to that distance. It was a distance that somehow longed for closer proximity. I felt deeply about the changes they were facing, and I wanted to be supportive and loving in the best way I knew how.

My creative approach to this was to write a daily ditty, if you will, that would give my Grandparents, my Grandma and my Grandpa, a moment of personal time with me each day. So I set out to create a personal book for each of them. This book, Graceful Whispers is the Grandpa version of this book. I’ve also released the Grandma version called Whispers of Love.

The moments contained in these pages are filled with understanding, joy, fun, and the topics are introspective. I invited my grandparents into my inner world using a language they could relate to.

These thoughts, in a simple prayer format, were intended to be presented in a language they appreciated and understood. This allowed me to lay a framework for us to share with each other, to connect and respect one another in ways that we had not yet connected.

Remember, I wrote this to be received by a person who had a belief system that was, shall we say, more stringent, perhaps, than my own. So while the references to ‘God’, ‘Savior’, and so on, may not be your own personal favorite references, it is intended to be a prayer offered—however you may offer your own prayers, to whomever you may offer them.

Perhaps you’ve gifted this offering, as a Grandchild, to your own Grandfather. I offer these moments each day, for years on end, if wished; for a Grandchild to relate to a Grandparent in a kind, loving, supportive, and adventurous manner.

Enjoy these moments, and may your relationships grow and be blessed… 

Whispers of Love


“Alexis Faere has done it again. She has taken her personal prayers for her Grandpa and has presented them in a manner that is easy and fun to read. This is an awesome Grandpa gift book for Christmas, Father’s day or anytime of the year. I really enjoy that she takes us on a very personal journey in talking with God but building a closer relationship with her Grandpa. I will be recommending this book for anyone wanting a better connection to their grandparent.” -Jerome Grey

Find Graceful Whispers at AlexisFaere.com

“I bought this book for my Grandpa as a gift and he LOVES it! The last time we talked, he spoke about using it in his daily prayer practices, and he was filled with wonder. We had a nice giggle about the lightening bug prayer. If you’re looking for grandpa gifts, this book is a perfect choice!” -Sharon H.

“Alexis knows how to magically weave everyday life into thought-provoking moments! With this book (for Grandpa) and its partner book (for Grandma), my grandparents are simply delighted. Alexis shares these daily prayers from such a loving place. I like how the prayers address challenging days as well as some whimsical ideas for adventure for each day of the year.” -Dianne Freeman

“As I’m getting older, I’m learning that getting up in years is not for the faint of heart. The prayers in this book lovingly honor my grandfather from a whole perspective. This was one of the best gifts I ever got for my grandad! And, it’s even in large print so it’s easy for him to read!” -Sherie Lankford

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    Grandpa Inspires Me

    In the tapestry of life, my grandpa stands as a beacon of inspiration, his presence as enduring as the ancient oaks, whispering wisdom with each rustling leaf. Let me share with you, the essence of this remarkable man, whose life is a symphony of resilience, kindness, and wisdom.

    Imagine a quiet room, the air tinged with the scent of old books and the faint aroma of coffee. Here, in this sanctuary of memories, my grandpa and I would sit, our conversations meandering through the gardens of philosophy, history, and life’s simple joys. He, with his stories, was like a master painter, each word a stroke of color on the canvas of my young mind.

    His life was not an easy one, marked by challenges that would have wilted a lesser spirit.


    Yet, like a resilient tree, he stood tall, his roots deep in the soil of hope and perseverance. From him, I learned that life is not about avoiding the storms but about dancing in the rain, about finding joy in the midst of sorrow, and strength in vulnerability.

    What makes him an eternal source of inspiration? It’s the way his eyes twinkled with mischief, the way his laughter could light up the darkest room. It was in his unwavering belief in the goodness of people, in his boundless capacity for love. He taught me that to inspire is not just to lead or to teach; it is to touch a life in such a profound way that it is forever changed.

    In moments of solitude, I often find myself revisiting those conversations, each memory a cherished gem. He may have left the physical realm, but his spirit, his teachings, his love, they are as much a part of me as my own heartbeat. In the stillness, I can hear his voice, see his smile, feel his wisdom guiding me.

    So, when asked about inspiration, it is my grandfather’s legacy that echoes through my being. It is in the way I view the world, in the choices I make, in the dreams I dare to chase. He lives on in the stories I tell, in the lives I touch, in the love I share. And in this beautiful, intricate dance of life, his inspiration is a melody that never fades, a light that never dims.

    Grandpa Book Gifts